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Teen Driver Education

We provide a driver education completion course that satisfies the MV-262 requirement of the graduated licensing law. The law mandates that 16-year-olds can no longer take a road test without additional training (17-year-olds who take a driver education course are not affected).

16-year-olds must bring a completed MV-262 document along with the permit and classroom training certificate to the road test.

There are two ways to complete the MV-262 document. The student may attain the additional required training hours from either a professional entity or a parent. Parent training is of course the inexpensive option, but New York State law requires the parent to have a dual brake vehicle, or conduct the training outside of New York City (i.e. - Long Island).

When training is done by a professional entity such as our driving school, we will complete the MV-262 for the student upon successful completion of the driving school course.

Note that New York State law requires 50 hours of additional practice to satisfy the MV-262. If the teen completes a New York State approved driver eduction course at a high school or college, he/she will have six hours credited to the MV-262 and therefore require the difference of 44 hours training with our program.

At our driving school, we offer two driver education completion course packages - a 50-hour course for 16-year-olds and 44 hour course for 16-year-olds who have completed a driver education course.

The New York State DMV recommends 30 hours of driver training prior to taking a road test, of which ten should be in heavy traffic. By taking our driver education completion course and completing the 50 hours of training you will satisfy this recommendation.

There is no substitute for professional in-car training. However, if the cost of our driver education completion course proves to be too much a financial burden, you may opt to wait until you are 16-1/2 to take a driver education course. Since these courses in the Fall and Spring are four months in duration, you will be almost 17 by the time you complete it.

We can schedule the road test on or shortly after the student's 17th birthday. In this case, the MV-262 will not be needed. In order to exercise this option, the student must bring both his/her driver's permit and the MV-285 driver education completion certificate to the road test. A five-hour completion certificate will not be sufficient. Also note that a 16-year-old must have their permit for at least six months prior to scheduling a road test. We strongly urge 16-year-olds to get their permit from the DMV as soon as possible, ideally even before starting a driver education program.

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